International Congress on Integrative Medicine

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Optimize the Immune System for

Chronic Infections and Cancer

Whether you are in the business of treating chronic infections and cancer or not, every one of us is now faced with patients, family and friends who are battling the epidemic of immune failure.

Since 2010, our approach has been to optimize the immune system initially with basic strategies that work well, and eventually with more advanced methods needed to suit the times we are in.

Join Instructors Dr. Sangeeta Pati & Dr. John Apsley in this unique, restorative CE event

In order to effectively address the immune system, one must address underlying causes such as infection, teeth toxicities, adrenal/ thyroid insufficiency, oxygen status, phase angle, chronic stress response, pH and nutrition.What protocols should we use for these patients? Do all cancers have underlying infection present? This workshop aims to put YOU in the driver’s seat with basic methods that have helped hundreds of patients.

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  • Understand the underlying causes and methods to address immune failure
  • Gain knowledge of advanced methods now available and how they helped
    those who do not choose conventional methods
  • Measure your own risks for immune failure

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